The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email

Abandonment is one of the biggest challenges facing every online marketer today.

Figures from October this year show that 74% of consumers abandon their shopping cart, booking or application form.

We’ve all done it.

Perhaps the phone rings and your parents (or inlaws!) are checking on whether you’ll be coming for Christmas this year… we get distracted as X Factor goes to Deadlock (after another Louis Walsh kerfuffle)… or we’re just plain window shopping – the reasons for abandoning a purchase are pretty limitless.

Many brands have an email programme in place to communicate with these hottest of prospects – but what does the perfect campaign look like?

There are three questions we get asked more than any other:

  • Timing:  How long should we wait to email our customers?
  • Tone:  Should we be direct, or use a customer service tone?
  • Content:  What should we include in the email to get our customers to buy?

SaleCycle put together a fantastic Infographic which summarises the findings from 200 leading global brands into what makes up the Perfect Basket Abandonment Email.

A must see for anyone with a recovery campaign in place, or planning one in the future, with the top performing of these brands achieving an increase in their online sales of a staggering 6-8% per annum.

The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email

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