Meet the Marketer: Monsoon Accessorize

In the third of our series, SaleCycle grabbed a cup of tea for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes with Bilal Adham at Monsoon.

Let’s start with a bit about working at Monsoon Bilal, what’s your favourite thing about your job?

Working with new technologies, different ecommerce platforms, affiliate marketing inititavies and being at the forefront of great ecommerce – the geek inside of me talking!

Let’s call it ‘geek chic’! We’re guessing you don’t wear Monsoon stuff yourself, but what about the wife? Any favourite styles…?

She really likes a lot of the Accessorize stuff – especially when it comes to beachware and festivals stuff, she loves it.Accessorize Beach

Much like the ladies in the SaleCycle office…  What about yourself, what kind of brands do you tend to buy from?

Not surprisingly, I love the high street labels – River Island, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters –  just trying to keep in touch with trends. G-Star and All Saints are favourites too…

Good choices all! Right, on to the business side and your basket abandonment email programme.  Monsoon fire the emails out pretty quickly (40 minutes after abandonment) what was the thinking in that?

Well the simple answer is that we didn’t choose the sending time – we let our customers decide! We tested a load of different sending times and 40 minutes produced the best results, both in terms of open rates and in getting people back on-site to purchase.

Thinking smart, I like it. Has the success of the programme surprised you?

To be honest, yes it has – the results have been pretty spectacular. Looking at the industry benchmarks you can see that our time and effort has been well worthwhile – and internally the kind of exposure the programme gets has been fantastic.

Top Performer: A stunning open rate of over 50%

Top Performer: Timely, relevant and effective.

That’s what we like to hear. What about the negatives though– Any customer complaints?

None whatsoever, which has been great. Initially, we did expect some… but we thought it was risk worth taking – but in the end the relevancy of the email has been key.

And finally, we know you’re a Man Utd fan… if you had to pick one, what’s your favourite ever game?

That’s an easy one – probably Fergie’s greatest moment . The 1999 Champions League Final v Bayern Munich. It looked like it was all over and then Teddy & Ole stepped up… amazing.

You can’t argue with that. Thank you for your time Bilal. 

Get LinkedIn with Bilal here >>

Checkout the 2013 Monsoon Spring/Summer Collection >>

Watch The Story of Monsoon’s Abandoned Basket 

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