Dear Coca-Cola

Who knew that my name could have such an impact. I found myself standing in Tesco, practically prancing around in excitement, and why?

Because my name is beaming back at me from a bottle of Coke. Yesssss, it’s taken weeks, but finally (FINALLY!) I have one. They’d even spelt it right.

Close... but no cigar!

Close… but no cigar!

Funny thing is, I don’t even like Coke. Pepsi; now we’re talking, but do they print my very own name on my bottle? Nope. So I betrayed my taste buds and purchased the competitor.

I have to admit to initially being a touch cynical about the whole marketing campaign but, given some contemplation and some very obvious observations, wow – what a clever idea. By the messy state of the fridge shelves in every single store I go in, it’s clear that a bit of personalisation has had an enormous impact on the sales of the Coke brand.

Personalisation doesn’t just work on soft drinks though. I know I’m not the only one to warm to an email addressed “Dear Rachel…” I want to know the brand knows me, loves me, wants my custom; I was not christened “Customer”. And that’s exactly what SaleCycle clients do too.

Keep it Personal: Manners cost nothing...

Keep it Personal: Manners cost nothing…

We ensure that all the emails we send not only beautifully portray our clients’s brand and culture, but show they value their customers and speak to them just as they would if they met them face to face!

Just #AskOurClients – they’ll tell you!

And yes, I am guilty of Instagram’ing a photo…

Rachel Cook looks after Global Recruitment @SaleCycle

Get LinkedIn with Rachel here >>

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