Cart Abandonment: An Outsider’s View

I’m an outsider. An imposter to the cart abandonment industry. In the last few months, I’ve made contact with every software company in the cart recovery industry and have been putting together an impartial review site at

As an outsider looking in, I think the market for cart recovery software is fascinating. In marketing, you get so much hype about concepts like brand equity and social media sentiment. Things which are hard to measure, and not necessarily linked to your bottom line. Whereas with cart recovery software you get a direct positive ROI. You see results from day one.

Compare this shopping cart recovery software to fuzzy ideas like building branding and increasing twitter followers. What will impact your bottom line most? What will please your spreadsheet-centred gremlin of a finance director? More tweets or more revenue?

Social media can be a profitable tactic for online retailers. But what I don’t understand is why there is so little awareness for proven, profitable software like SaleCycle’s and so much noise around social media? It’s like a caveman shouting at you to go to the woods for the odd mushroom, when you’ve got a supermarket next door which will let you fill your face!

The modern man...

The modern man…

According to Google, there are only 5,000 searches a month worldwide for cart recovery software and similar terms. Isn’t that nuts? Surely every e-commerce site should have this software because if you haven’t got it, you are losing money. Now I’m on a mission! A mission to get people like you using cart recovery software, and to get your online cash register chinging with glee. That means happy you, and happy bosses!

The software companies

By setting my site up, it was the litmus test of a company’s culture. You get a snapshot of what the software companies are like. There’s no guarantee that I would bring them any sales. But could they spare an hour or two with me? Most companies were really helpful and I can’t praise SaleCycle highly enough for their help, as you’ll see in my Review of them.

What you’ll really like about SaleCycle

Great people to work with

I can only talk from my experience, but SaleCycle have some great people on the ground. If don’t believe me, do what they suggest and #AskOurClients. They’ve got plenty of clients willing to sing their praises!

Transparent, really clear dashboard

Once you’ve installed their software, you’ll get a dashboard which will give you real-time data about your cart recovery. It will tell you about your recovered sales and other important information. It’s clear. You know where you stand with them.

The transparency is clear to see...

The transparency is clear to see…

Commission-Based Pricing improves your campaigns

As SaleCycle charge a percentage fee, they have incentives to keep testing and improving your campaigns. Some other companies will charge a fixed-fee, but then once they’ve signed you up, they have no stake in making your campaign better. You just have to look at how SaleCycle drive results for their clients, to see how important this A/B testing is.

The verdict

I can whole heartedly recommend SaleCycle as an outsider. In fact they’re so successful that they only tend to take on sites which turn over £10 million+ annually. If you fit into that category, I’d call them now and get into their implementation queue because it’s growing quickly.

About me

I used to be a marketer in a technology startup. The company didn’t take off, as is often the case in startups. Then when an investor withdrew we all lost our jobs. When you’re in that situation, it’s grim, but it opens a lot of doors for you. Just before leaving I had read an article about cart recovery software. I thought: this industry needs someone to shout from the rooftops about it. So that’s what I’m doing now! (Not literally of course – there wouldn’t be any buyers in our village!)

Through my site, I’m building a resource around cart recovery software and consulting on the subject. If your e-commerce site turns over less than £10 million a year and so isn’t necessarily a natural fit for SaleCycle then I can help you find appropriate cart recovery software and manage the process for you. The thing is, you’re going to improve your sales so much with this software that you’d be crazy not to buy it!

Alex Clifford is Founder of

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