Reflection and Direction

As we fast approach the 3rd anniversary of our very first client going live (7th July!) there is much to reflect upon.

We’ve grown significantly in such a short space of time and achieved so much. However, there is much to learn from the past three years to help shape the next three.

The first lesson is to understand where we fit into the marketplace and where our skills and expertise are best suited. We only have to look at the successes of the past 12 months see a clear pattern emerging in terms of our client base.

Sony's Online Sales have increased by over 7% since working with SaleCycle

Sony has increased online sales by over 7% with cart recovery emails

It’s become quite apparent that the ‘enterprise level’ is where we have made the greatest inroads and where we are able to fully demonstrate the value of our services.

I know the term ‘enterprise level’ has been overused in the email re-marketing space, however, this isn’t an aspiration, it’s simply recognition of where we now fit into a competitive marketplace.

The gradual move away from a ‘land grab’ mentality to a more selective approach has presented challenges, however, there are a number of service providers in this space who are better suited to the mass market and I’d gladly recommend them where appropriate.

It’s with this knowledge that we can plan for the next 3 years and maximise our growth and in turn the growth of our clients.

Dominic Edmunds is Founder & President of SaleCycle

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