Animations that Inspire the Mind

By Anthony O’Neill… SaleCycle’s answer to Walt Disney.

When I was asked to help tell the Story of Monsoon’s Abandonment Basket, I immediately felt that an animation would get across the message really effectively.

Infographics are great, and there are some great examples of work we’ve done ourselves – but animation engages the viewer more passively than text or still images which permits a greater opportunity to pass on information whether it be simple, complex, mundane or profound.

For SaleCycle it was a necessity to show that a huge otherwise unobtainable bounty of abandoned shopping bags lay waiting and with SaleCycle’s service they can be captured, organised and converted – which in Monsoon’s case have been fantastic.

Our animation illustrates this process in a simple easy to comprehend fashion (even my technophobe parents grasped the concept of SaleCycle’s service thanks to the animation, despite explaining to them what we do many times!)

Here is a selection of animations that inspired some of the creative behind the Monsoon animation… illustrating the complex, the beautiful and abstract in inventive ways that never fail to engage. Enjoy!

RSA Animate – 21st Century Enlightenment

A stunning example of video, drawing and animation combined.

Powers of Ten

Long before Google Earth – this 1977 film can’t help by hypnotise you…

MUTO Wall Painting

The most bizarre of the lot… this one is like Banksy on heat!

The Monsoon Campaign has been nominated for an Econsultancy Digitals Award

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