How to Go Global – Not Hopping Mad!

A successful business these days will pay special attention to its website, and so it should, it’s a pivotal component in any business model and often represents the window of access to all the services a company provides. This is likely to remain so as researchers forecast a global growth in internet sales of 9% year on year for the next 5 years (IBIS World).

As we know, 75% of shoppers continue to abandon their on-line carts, so everything about a client’s website matters; it’s content, it’s usability, it’s engagement factor, it’s performance – all add up to providing the best possible experience for the end user, the potential buyer.

SaleCycle is a truly global company, with offices in all corners of the map (including Washington DC, London & Singapore); so invariably our clients’ websites are hosted all around the World too.

Why does this matter?

All Corners of the Globe: Good website experience is a key starting point of the stay for brands like Millennium Hotels

All Corners of the Globe: Web experience is a key part of the stay for brands like Millennium

By design, when you interact with a website over the internet on your browser, the data you see has been ‘routed’ through a heady mix of servers, switches and other communications devices before being presented on your screen; hence the term World Wide Web. This causes a measureable delay called ‘latency’ and is something clients wish to keep to a minimum on their websites to avoid the appearance of ‘sluggishness’.

SaleCycle relies upon scripts being pulled into your browser from our servers; these handle subsequent interactions to record ‘impressions’, enabling abandonments to be identified and downstream engagement to be triggered. Our servers are based in London, so interactions from an end user in say Sydney would incur a large number of ‘hops’ getting back to our servers to load these vital scripts and the latency could become a concern.

Sony in Spain:  Brands have had great success rolling out globally with SaleCycle

Sony in Spain: Brands have had great success rolling out globally with SaleCycle

This is where a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is able to help; it places our static content such as scripts onto ‘Edge’ servers scattered around the globe, and with smart configuration enables these requests to be sourced from the servers closest to the user, removing the need to traverse the web to retrieve the content from the ‘Origin’ servers in London.

Initial trials have proved so successful (with up to 5 times reduction in load latency) that we have recently partnered with a leading global CDN services provider to leverage these advantages today; a further commitment to our clients in providing a truly global service.

Steve Welsh is Head of Technology at SaleCycle

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