Meet the Marketer: Paul Smith

In the second of our series, SaleCycle grabbed a cup of tea for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes with Camille Filiol at Paul Smith.

Let’s start with a bit about yourself Camille… What attracted you to Paul Smith?

The people who work here: approachable, dedicated, creative and hard-working. It’s so enriching to work for such a British institution where it’s about more than just fashion.

You can’t argue with that! Apart from Paul Smith, what other labels are we likely to find if we went routing through your wardrobe?

Hmm mostly high street but a bit of D&G, Sonia Rykiel, Maje, Sandro and Kooples – apologies, they’re almost all French!

D&G - Another of Camille's favourites...

D&G – Another of Camille’s favourites…

No problem, the French are famous for their style!  Anything in your wardrobe that you’re ashamed of though?

I hide those at my parent’s so fortunately not! I guess the most daring piece – which I’m absolutely not ashamed of is a Sisley “tutu” dress with a chiffon tulle underskirt.

Ha!  We’ll have to ask your parents then… On to the marketing side, what made you want to start sending basket abandonment emails?

I would say that this is the first step to sending relevant content at the right time without being intrusive. The abandoned basket email is like an extension of the checkout process in a way so it makes sense.

A Reminder... Paul Smith's clean basket abandonment email has achieved great results.

Paul Smith’s thoughtful, customer service approach has achieved great results.

We definitely think so! Has the success surprised you?

We expected good results, but the engagement and revenue results are very positive and this is a great revenue channel that can be further more optimised.

Do you get any negative feedback from customers about the emails, or is it generally all positive?

All up, we’ve had very positive feedback from internal clients. Customers haven’t complained about it and they seem to complete their purchase on the back of the emails so it must be a good thing.

What advice would you give any other brands out there looking to implement a basket abandonment email campaign?

It’s easy to set up so I would say give it a try and see the results for yourself. Make sure you keep testing designs, subject lines, time delays, number of cycles as there is always a way to maximise the effect of these campaigns.

Finally, what’s your favourite ‘inspirational’ quote?

“You can find inspiration in everything”, Paul Smith

That’s a belter, and from the man himself.  Thanks for your time Camille.

Read Paul Smith’s Client Story Here >>

Checkout the 2013 Spring/Summer Collection at

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