Animations that Inspire the Mind

By Anthony O’Neill… SaleCycle’s answer to Walt Disney.

When I was asked to help tell the Story of Monsoon’s Abandonment Basket, I immediately felt that an animation would get across the message really effectively.

Infographics are great, and there are some great examples of work we’ve done ourselves – but animation engages the viewer more passively than text or still images which permits a greater opportunity to pass on information whether it be simple, complex, mundane or profound.

For SaleCycle it was a necessity to show that a huge otherwise unobtainable bounty of abandoned shopping bags lay waiting and with SaleCycle’s service they can be captured, organised and converted – which in Monsoon’s case have been fantastic.

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Dear Coca-Cola

Who knew that my name could have such an impact. I found myself standing in Tesco, practically prancing around in excitement, and why?

Because my name is beaming back at me from a bottle of Coke. Yesssss, it’s taken weeks, but finally (FINALLY!) I have one. They’d even spelt it right.

Close... but no cigar!

Close… but no cigar!

Funny thing is, I don’t even like Coke. Pepsi; now we’re talking, but do they print my very own name on my bottle? Nope. So I betrayed my taste buds and purchased the competitor.

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How to treat your customers and get them to tell the world!

Last weekend my husband needed to book a hotel for the night. We elected to book one of the DoubleTree by Hilton properties and we are certainly glad we did. Now if like me you are not too familiar with DoubleTree (although plenty more are popping up), it’s a brand which was acquired by Hilton in 1999 but only opened its first UK property in 2008.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about it and there are 2 reasons.

The first is a wonderful little touch on check-in that you don’t get at a Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, a regular Hilton or indeed any other hotel I’ve stayed at in the UK – a chocolate chip cookie each, presented deliciously warm, crammed with chocolate chips and walnuts. This is the signature of the brand and is something they’ve been doing since the 1980’s to make the customers first impression a good one – it certainly worked on me!

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Three is a magic number…

It’s our birthday today… We’re three years old.

Plenty has happened in the last 3 years hasn’t it…

Kate & Wills had a pretty amazing wedding.  You may have seen one or two press clippings about it.  They’re having a baby now… that’s cool.

Obama was been successfully elected into a 2nd term.  Hopefully he’ll pop by for some cake later today, but no worries if not.  He’s a pretty busy guy.

Take That, The Spice Girls and Girls Aloud all made comebacks of sorts.  With varying success it has to be said.  One Direction were born though… and they’re doing pretty well.

Comet, Jessops and HMV all faced tough times and bankruptcy.  Great high-street names with a clear customer proposition and value per customer.  In the meantime Instagram & Pinterest were born.  They’ve got millions of customers.  But no one knows what those customers are really worth yet.  Business is interesting.

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How to get yourself noticed for ‘a monkey’

I was amused to see in the press last week a 24 year old Londoner going to extreme lengths in order to grab the attention of the city’s potential employers (and the press, and social media, and, well, pretty much everyone) by publishing a personalised billboard advertisement, and website, asking to be hired.

Personal branding to the extreme!

Now, I wont bore you with my cynical opinion on whether this was a wise move or just the latest hit for a viral junkie (this is not his first), but there is no doubt that whoever snaps this young chap up, will certainly get a little free publicity from the novelty. That’s always nice, isn’t it.

What this more importantly stresses is the power of standing out from the crowd; an individual amongst the masses of job seekers out there. By no means am I suggesting that we all cough up £500 (or ‘a monkey’ in London rhyming slang!) and plaster our faces on billboards across the country – what a scary place that would be! It would also defeat the point. But the days of securing a new career by the bog standard CV are long gone. Long gone.

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Could Google finally have a genuine competitor?

The short answer is no.

So, the festive season is upon us and in some quarters that translate to ‘silly season’.

So rather than fighting it, let’s embrace it.

One of our partners (7thingsmedia) recently introduced me to my new favorite search engine:

Whos' the phatest...?

Whos’ the phatest…?

Well the first thing you do with any search engine is to see how you perform and I was delighted to find out that not only are we ranking highly for our search terms, but that SaleCycle had found a new tone of voice:

SaleCycle – Specialisin up in abandoned cart recovery – Cached – Similar

SaleCycle is a global leader up in abandoned cart recovery, allowin online retailaz ta recover salez from hustlas whoz ass have abandoned they hustlin cartz 

Well, that’s where the fun started, simply try any web search and find yourself presented with enough street lingo to phatten yo turkey in time for Christmas.

So good, I just had to share.  Give it a try…

Dominic Edmunds

Founder & Prezzy of Salecyle, tha phatest cart recovery specialist in tha ghetto.

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Why Christmas Supermarket Ads should be banned!

Are you a food lover? Does your mouth water over those seductively delicious M&S Food adverts?

Do your eyes light up at the latest newsletter from The Co-op with your favourite wine at a bargain price??

I know I do. In fact, I would go as far to say that I’m a food addict.

I could happily rattle away the hours talking about and eating delicacies. But…. I’m also a calorie counter. And a strict gym goer. Conflicting traits, I admit, but for 11 months of the year its a tightrope walk that I achieve with long practiced finesse.

Then I start to notice Christmas appearing everywhere I look (far too early, of course, but that’s a different story).

Damn you M&S...!!!!

Damn you M&S…!

My inbox starts to gush festivity at me and somehow, every website I visit is re-targeting me with that deluxe box of chocolates I resisted purchasing just a few minutes before. “BUY ME”, they scream. And I do.

This is just the beginning of the end as I succumb to the temptation of irresistible December marketing, and I chuckle at Tesco’s latest using The Proclaimers “Walk 500 Miles”. They’re spot on – come January, I will need to do exactly that!

It would be rude to talk about Christmas without mentioning Coca Cola’s legendary “the holidays are coming” advert…

But please, make mine a diet…

Rachel Cook looks after Global Recruitment @SaleCycle

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