Our Services

We hate bad customer service at SaleCycle.

You know the type… promise the world, deliver nothing. We could tell you our own horror stories, but we’ll leave that to others.

As for us, we focus on basics – ‘Just become a helpful extension of your customer’s team’. Simple.

Allow me to introduce you…

1)  Implementation Team

These guys will take you through the SaleCycle setup process from start to finish.

They’ll help you add our simple code to your site, setup and train you on the platform, and offer some best practice tips to get your campaign started.

They’re a busy bunch the implementation team… and they know a good coffee.

2)  Design Team

These guys will help you to create a stunningly beautiful and effective email.

We take email design extremely seriously at SaleCycle (it’s a lost art!) and so we start with a blank canvas for every email we build, bespoke to our customer’s brand.  Checkout some of the cool stuff we’ve worked on here.

The design guys have huge monitors, lots of colourful pens… and refuse to drink anything other than Um Bongo – they’re querky like that!

3)  Account Management Team

These guys will look after you for the entirety of your SaleCycle life.

Optimisation is a word you’ll hear a lot if you hang around with the AM team.  They love it.  Split testing, segmentation, behavioural targeting, adding 2nd and 3rd Cycle emails and incorporating product recommendations are just some of their favourite things… Most importantly though, they ensure all our customers achieve results beyond their wildest expectations.  That way, everyone is happy.

The account management guys are generally found chatting away to clients… and they make the best cup of tea in the office.

Free Advice

The SaleCycle team are always happy to offer some advice and recommendations to anyone out there looking to implement or optimise a cart recovery email campaign.  We’re nice like that.

Pop your question below and we’ll get you an answer before the day is out. Scout’s honour.

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