Animations that Inspire the Mind

By Anthony O’Neill… SaleCycle’s answer to Walt Disney.

When I was asked to help tell the Story of Monsoon’s Abandonment Basket, I immediately felt that an animation would get across the message really effectively.

Infographics are great, and there are some great examples of work we’ve done ourselves – but animation engages the viewer more passively than text or still images which permits a greater opportunity to pass on information whether it be simple, complex, mundane or profound.

For SaleCycle it was a necessity to show that a huge otherwise unobtainable bounty of abandoned shopping bags lay waiting and with SaleCycle’s service they can be captured, organised and converted – which in Monsoon’s case have been fantastic.

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Meet the Marketer: Monsoon Accessorize

In the third of our series, SaleCycle grabbed a cup of tea for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes with Bilal Adham at Monsoon.

Let’s start with a bit about working at Monsoon Bilal, what’s your favourite thing about your job?

Working with new technologies, different ecommerce platforms, affiliate marketing inititavies and being at the forefront of great ecommerce – the geek inside of me talking!

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