Meet the Marketer: Paul Smith

In the second of our series, SaleCycle grabbed a cup of tea for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes with Camille Filiol at Paul Smith.

Let’s start with a bit about yourself Camille… What attracted you to Paul Smith?

The people who work here: approachable, dedicated, creative and hard-working. It’s so enriching to work for such a British institution where it’s about more than just fashion.

You can’t argue with that! Apart from Paul Smith, what other labels are we likely to find if we went routing through your wardrobe?

Hmm mostly high street but a bit of D&G, Sonia Rykiel, Maje, Sandro and Kooples – apologies, they’re almost all French!

D&G - Another of Camille's favourites...

D&G – Another of Camille’s favourites…

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How to Go Global – Not Hopping Mad!

A successful business these days will pay special attention to its website, and so it should, it’s a pivotal component in any business model and often represents the window of access to all the services a company provides. This is likely to remain so as researchers forecast a global growth in internet sales of 9% year on year for the next 5 years (IBIS World).

As we know, 75% of shoppers continue to abandon their on-line carts, so everything about a client’s website matters; it’s content, it’s usability, it’s engagement factor, it’s performance – all add up to providing the best possible experience for the end user, the potential buyer.

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Animations that Inspire the Mind

By Anthony O’Neill… SaleCycle’s answer to Walt Disney.

When I was asked to help tell the Story of Monsoon’s Abandonment Basket, I immediately felt that an animation would get across the message really effectively.

Infographics are great, and there are some great examples of work we’ve done ourselves – but animation engages the viewer more passively than text or still images which permits a greater opportunity to pass on information whether it be simple, complex, mundane or profound.

For SaleCycle it was a necessity to show that a huge otherwise unobtainable bounty of abandoned shopping bags lay waiting and with SaleCycle’s service they can be captured, organised and converted – which in Monsoon’s case have been fantastic.

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Are Basket Abandonment Emails Legal?

It’s one of the most successful growing trends in online marketing, and yet it’s still a question we get asked more than any other at SaleCycle – Are basket abandonment emails legal?

We caught up with esteemed solicitor, Stephen Groom, Deputy Chair of Privacy and Data Law Group at Osborne Clarke, to blow away some of the myths and get to the bottom of the legalities of the process.

Let’s start with a little about yourself Stephen – Thomson Reuters described you as a ‘Super Lawyer’… Apart from wearing a cape, how did you come to be held in such glowing terms?

I’m really not sure, but it wasn’t through wearing my underwear outside.

That’s reassuring. Let’s cut to the chase on re-marketing law. Many brands want to work to the ‘soft opt-in’ principal for retargeting emails – what’s your take on it?

Soft opt-in (strangely so-called as it’s actually an opt-out solution) is perfectly legal in the UK if the rules are followed i.e. (1) email address captured by online seller during the (subsequently abandoned) purchase process (2) (almost) customer told of future use by seller to promote seller’s “similar” products unless (almost) customer opts out (3) (almost) customer doesn’t opt out (4) all subsequent emails also include an opt out.

This will also comply with the Advertising Standards Authority-enforced CAP Code, which is a good thing as all UK marketers must comply with this as well as the law.

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Reflection and Direction

As we fast approach the 3rd anniversary of our very first client going live (7th July!) there is much to reflect upon.

We’ve grown significantly in such a short space of time and achieved so much. However, there is much to learn from the past three years to help shape the next three.

The first lesson is to understand where we fit into the marketplace and where our skills and expertise are best suited. We only have to look at the successes of the past 12 months see a clear pattern emerging in terms of our client base.

Sony's Online Sales have increased by over 7% since working with SaleCycle

Sony has increased online sales by over 7% with cart recovery emails

It’s become quite apparent that the ‘enterprise level’ is where we have made the greatest inroads and where we are able to fully demonstrate the value of our services.

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Cart Abandonment: An Outsider’s View

I’m an outsider. An imposter to the cart abandonment industry. In the last few months, I’ve made contact with every software company in the cart recovery industry and have been putting together an impartial review site at

As an outsider looking in, I think the market for cart recovery software is fascinating. In marketing, you get so much hype about concepts like brand equity and social media sentiment. Things which are hard to measure, and not necessarily linked to your bottom line. Whereas with cart recovery software you get a direct positive ROI. You see results from day one.

Compare this shopping cart recovery software to fuzzy ideas like building branding and increasing twitter followers. What will impact your bottom line most? What will please your spreadsheet-centred gremlin of a finance director? More tweets or more revenue?

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Basket Abandonment in Fashion: The Numbers

I thought it was about time we had a look some fashion numbers – admittedly not the most glamorous element of fashion, but I wanted to demonstrate what a fine job fashion brands do at recovering lost sales.

I decided to look at ten of my favourite fashion brands and how they performed in May to give us a good rounded view of how the fashion vertical adds up right now. Of course these numbers are changing all the time, but this gives us a good view on how the fashion sector works.

Basket Abandonment Rate: 78.5%

Back in September last year the average abandonment rate in fashion was at around 70%, whilst a glance at May 2013 sees this number is now getting on for nearly 80%.  It illustrates how important it is for fashion brands to ensure they have a basket recovery solution in place as this really is a hell of a lot of sales to miss out on with 4/5ths of customers putting something in their basket and then walking away.

Brand Insight: Mango's clean design generates plenty of clicks.

Brand Insights: Mango’s clean and simple design generates plenty of clicks.

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Dear Coca-Cola

Who knew that my name could have such an impact. I found myself standing in Tesco, practically prancing around in excitement, and why?

Because my name is beaming back at me from a bottle of Coke. Yesssss, it’s taken weeks, but finally (FINALLY!) I have one. They’d even spelt it right.

Close... but no cigar!

Close… but no cigar!

Funny thing is, I don’t even like Coke. Pepsi; now we’re talking, but do they print my very own name on my bottle? Nope. So I betrayed my taste buds and purchased the competitor.

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